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App Features

Learn Kannada SmartApp is a comprehensive language learning platform that offers various features to help users acquire proficiency in Kannada. These include a personalized home, a ten-day course, vocabulary and conversation lessons, grammar lessons, a global leaderboard, interactive quizzes, tests and many more. These features cater to different learning needs and goals and provide a comprehensive and efficient learning experience.



Personalized Home

Personalized Home allows the app to tailor the learning experience to help you learn faster through adaptive learning and personalized recommendations. This feature helps you learn quickly, efficiently and effectively and helps you get the best out of the app.

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Learn Kannada through your native language

Learning a new language is often more efficient and effective when it is approached through the learner's native language. This is especially true for learning an Indian language, such as Kannada. Learn Kannada SmartApp recognizes this and offers support for learning Kannada through multiple Indian languages, including English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Marathi. The app also lets you change the language of learning content only without changing the app language which is much more convenient to continue learning.

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Ten Days Course

Ten Days Course is a series of lessons designed to help you learn basic spoken Kannada in just a span of 10 days. It includes vocabulary, numbers, pronunciation, listening and speaking exercises and interactive quizzes to test yourself. It is the most convenient and effective way to learn spoken Kannada, provided that you are able to commit to regular practice and study.

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Words and Conversations

The flexible course helps you improve your vocabulary and communication skills in Kannada. The app provides lists of words and phrases, along with definitions, translations, and pronunciation guides by a native speaker, and includes activities such as flashcards, matching games, and frame-the-sentence exercises. Learning words and conversations on the app can be convenient and effective with regular practice and study.

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Kannada Grammar

The Grammar feature on Learn Kannada SmartApp helps you learn and practice the grammar of the Kannada language. It includes lessons and activities covering the Kannada alphabet, Syllables, Compound Letters, Verbs,  and Antonyms as well as explanations and examples of real-life communication. It is a valuable resource for learners who want to improve their understanding and usage of the Kannada language.

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SmartQuizzes™ on Learn Kannada SmartApp helps you test your Kannada skills through interactive quizzes and tests covering various language skills, including vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, and speaking. It is adaptive to frame questions for you at different difficulty levels or types of questions at your convenience. SmartQuizzes™ is also rewarding with learning points every time you complete a quiz.

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07. Learning Points

Everything you learn and every test you complete on the app is rewarding with learning points and this system helps motivate you to continue learning and provides a sense of accomplishment as you progress.


08. Daily Streak

The feature  tracks the number of days in a row that the user completes a lesson or activity, encouraging a daily practice routine. It provides a sense of accomplishment and motivation as they you see your streak grow and the top 100 learers with highest streak also also featured on the leaderboard.


09. Surprise Me

The "Surprise Me" feature on the Learn Kannada SmartApp randomly selects a lesson or activity for you to complete. It’s a fun and engaging way to discover new content and practice skills and can help keep the learning process fresh and interesting.


10. Global Leaderboard

The top 100 Kannada learners on a language learning platform are listed on the Learn Kannada SmartApp’s Global Leaderboard based on their learning points. This allows users to compare their progress to other learners across the globe and provides motivation to continue learning


11. Voice and Text Search

Search feature enables you to quickly find specific lessons, translations, or content and It also includes an advanced search where you can find translations of any word from any of the supported languages to Kannada and vice versa. This makes the learning process more efficient.

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